Petmate JG Cat Natural Play Time 3 PK

Petmate JG Cat Natural Play Time 3 PK

Item No: F34500028744

Available In Store & Online

Pump up your pet's "cat mojo" with Jackson Galaxy™ Natural Playtime™ Cat Toys! Our set of three critters made with all-natural materials offer safe cat play. Comes in thrilling colors cats can see, plus a variety of shapes and textures to emulate different types of prey and stimulate "cat mojo" - the building blocks for cat confidence using natural raw cat instincts. Toss them and watch the action!

Superstar cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy has partnered with pet product manufacturer Petmate™ to launch a new new line of innovative cat products based on his 20-plus years' experience working with cats that has enabled him to redefine the cat play category and create a line of products that will truly make a difference in the lives of our feline friends.

  • Set of three different shapes
  • Loofa , paper, twine, wicker
  • Colors vary
  • Designed exclusively for Jackson Galaxy
  • Approximately 2" diameter each (5 cm)

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