Odour Buster™ Multi-Cat Premium Cat Litter 12kg

Odour Buster™ Multi-Cat Premium Cat Litter 12kg

Item No: F3450018891

Available In Store & Online

Odour Buster™ Multi-Cat is an ultra premium, clumping cat litter made from superior-quality clay.  It is our most technologically advanced formula yet!

Thanks to the latest manufacturing techniques and our exclusive odour eliminating recipe, Odour Buster™ Multi-Cat is the most dust-free and odour-free litter on the market.  Odour Buster™ Multi-Cat creates extra-hard clumps quickly that are easy to scoop.  Because the clumps don't break apart, the remaining litter stays clean and odour-free.  It is perfect for use in litter boxes that have lots of traffic!

Odour Buster™ Multi-Cat is made from responsibly-mined, premium-quality bentonite clay.

Odour Buster™ Multi-Cat is proudly made in Canada using premium quality ingredients that are safe for your cat, family and the environment.

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