Kong Kitten Chirpz Chick

Kong Kitten Chirpz Chick

Item No: F34500027164

Available In Store & Online

- Smaller size perfect for kitten paws to bat
- Premium KONG North American Catnip extends playtime

KONG Kitten Chirpz Chick's motion-activated sound chip calls your kitten to play with an irresistible song, kicking off your kitty's curiosity and natural instincts for chasing and pouncing. Sized down for smaller kitten paws, this Chick is made for batting with floppy legs and tail feathers that flail when flung to add to the excitement, while premium KONG North American Catnip heightens the fun.

Inspect products frequently. Supervised use only. Discontinue use if worn, loose, or torn pieces occur.

  • Unit Height : 16.51 cm
  • Unit Length : 12.70 cm
  • Unit Width : 3.81 cm
  • Unit Weight : 0.031 kg

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