LAP-IT-UP Dog Water Bottle

LAP-IT-UP Dog Water Bottle, Red

Item No: F34500016831

Available In Store & Online

Specially designed for dogs & dog owners on the go! Lap-It-Up™ Dog Water Bottle is always ready with a cold drink to rehydrate your dog with clean, safe water.

Lap-It-Up™ Dog Water Bottle comes with an adjustable strap and clip hook, making it easy to attach to backpacks, belts, strollers, bikes and more. Bring Lap-It-Up™ Dog Water Bottle on hikes, walks, jogs, hunting, fishing...anywhere, anytime! Lap-It-Up™ Dog Water Bottle also fits in most standard vehicle cup holders, making it ideal to bring with you on the road.

Lap-It-Up™ Dog Water Bottle is created with durability and safety in mind: Made of BPA Free plastic, 20 fluid ounce holding capacity, neoprene sleeve helps keep water cool, leak proof bottle and 2 valve system allows water to drain back into the bottle.

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