Pet Qwerks® Talking Babble Ball® Interactive Dog Toy Large

Pet Qwerks® Talking Babble Ball® Interactive Dog Toy Large

Item No: F34500024507

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There is no better way to appeal to your rascally rover's animal instincts than with playful banter and that is exactly what the Talking Babble Ball® has to offer. PetQwerks® Talking Babble Ball® is so sensitive that the air from your dog's breath or even just the vibration of him walking by is enough to set the Talking Babble Ball® off, teasing your dog and demanding play time. Your canine companion will think this ball is ALIVE as it calls to him to chase, track and jump all around your home or yard. Plus, when your pup is done it turns itself off until the next swat or chomp.

Made from high-impact ABS construction, the Talking Babble Ball® can stand up to the toughest chewers, from your tiny teacup to your goliath Great Dane.

Available in three sizes with more than 20 different wisecracks or sounds, like "Rock 'n Roll Big Doggy," "Hey, What are you doing>" "Grrrr!" "Sweet Puppy," and many more!

The Talking Babble Ball® has even opened up new worlds for pets that are blind or have poor eyesight, too. Pets with separation anxiety or that are chronically bored have perked up remarkably. Replacement batteries make it easy for you to keep the fun going.



All dog's personalities, reactions and behaviors are different; sometimes unexpected. No dog toy is truly indestructible. It is important that all dogs be closely supervised when new toys are introduced and removed if behavior is destructive and/or unsafe.

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