Snappy Tom Crystal Litter Natural Blue 2kg single

Snappy Tom Crystal Litter Natural Blue 2kg single

Item No: F34500042735

Available In Store & Online

Change your litter less often with the instant absorption power of Snappy Tom® Litter Crystals! Crystals inhibit bacteria and leave litter dry - no more clumps or saturated clay! Non-tracking, lightweight and environmentally safe, Snappy Tom® Litter Crystals are the #1 choice for discerning litter boxes everywhere.



Thoroughly clean and dry litter box prior to filling with Snappy Tom® Premium Litter Crystals.

If you have more than one cat, use the same amount of litter, but increase the changing frequency. Regularly remove solid waste. Unlike regular clumping litter, you will not have to change the litter as often.

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